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Friday, December 02, 2005

2 Chronicles 14

Good King Asa

After Abijah, his son Asa became king. He did good and avoided war. He smashed down any altar that did not worship God. He built up Judah's cities.

Zerah the Cushite attacked him, and Asa went against him with a massive army. Asa prayed. Zerah and his army lost.

Key verse:
11. Help us, O Lord our God, for we rely on you

My thoughts:
In the western world we are so secure. We don't rely on God, because we don't have to. I feel broke at the moment, because I have eight spendable dollars on my eftpos card. I may feel desperate, but I also know that I have $6000 in my savings account. I'll be fine. Even if I didn't have those savings, my parent's would support me.

We are so darn secure. That is why we don't rely on God. We need to rely on him more.

My Bit:
Woot for U2 tickets, and for my friends getting on TV3 for lining up since 6.30pm last night!!! (tickets were sold at 9am this morning)


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