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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

2 Chronicles 18

Micaiah the true prophet

Jehoshaphat was rich and allied to Ahab, king of Israel. When Ahab asked for help at war, Jehoshaphat suggested consulting God first. So Ahab brought together hundreds of prophets, who all prophesied victories, but none of them were from God. Jehoshaphat looked for a prophet of God, and found Micaiah, who Ahab didn't like, because he always prophesied bad things.

And he did. He could only say what God told him. First he 'prophesied' victor, then he prophesied that they would fail, and Ahab felt justified. Micaiah said he saw God seeking a spirit to entire Israel into a battle they would lose, so God sent a lying spirit into the other prophets. Ahab imprisoned Micaiah.

In the battle Jehoshaphat also got caught, but God saved him. Ahab was killed with a stray arrow.

Key verse:
I can tell him only what my God says.

My thoughts:
We see a different side to God here. Here he is a jealous and vengeful God, seeking to harm Israel. We must not forget that though he is gracious, he is just, and will not refrain from exacting punishment when appropriate.

Jehoshaphat's good for seeking God's counsel, and he is saved because of it.


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