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Friday, December 23, 2005

2 Chronicles 35

Josiah's Passover

Josiah celebrated the Passover, and ordered that the ark be put and kept in the temple. He provided passover lambs for all people. The Priests ran the ceremony, and they did it exactly as the law required. It was the greatest Passover since the days before the kings.

A King Neco was later in a war up north, and Josiah decided to attack him, but it wasn't God's will. He was killed in that battle. Jeremiah wrote a book lamenting this.

Key verse:
18. The Passover had not been observed like this in Israel since the days of the prophet Samuel; and none of the kings of Israel had ever celebrated such a Passover as did Josiah, with the priests, the Levites and all Judah and Israel who were there with the people of Jerusalem.

My thoughts:
Here we have a mention of the ark, which I think is the last time it is mentioned in regards to Israel's history. There are many thoughts of what happened to the ark (however pretty much all academic opinions safely assume it was destroyed with the temple). However it is definitely interesting searching on google and reading people's thoughts on it.

Here we have mention of a book written by Jeremiah of lamentations. This is almost certainly not the book of lamentations that we have today.


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