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Monday, December 26, 2005

Ezra 2

Those who came

Heapsa people returned to Jerusalem from all towns in Judah. There were Levites, and temple servants, and descendants of Solomon's helpers. Some people even came who couldn't quite show they were from Israel, but they came anyway. There were a total of 42,360 people who came. People went to their towns.

Key verse:
64. The whole company numbered 42,360

My thoughts:
Of all the over a million people who came out from Egypt, and 2 million were still around during David's census, God's people now number less than 50,000. This is the remnant.

They obviously had quite clear records by this time, as they had people who couldn't prove their origin, so presumably most of the others could.

I met a kid called Ezra on the road trip. We wasn't even 2 yet. We decided he was the source of all evil. Ch Ch Ch K K K K.

Guess you had to be there...


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