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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Esther 2

Queen Esther

So the King set up a beauty contest across the empire to find a new Queen. There was a Benjamite Jew, Mordecai, who had taken in his second cousin, Hadassah, as his own daughter. Hadassah was also called Esther. She was hot.

She went into the beauty contest, and impressed everyone with her curves. She hid the fact that she was Jewish. After a year of beauty treatment, she got to go spend a night with the King, and if the king liked her and remembered her name, then she could go again. To cut a long story short. She won. What a surprise. She became the new Queen.

Mordecai later told her about a murderous conspiracy against the King, and she told the King, crediting Mordecai. The conspirers were killed.

Key verse:
10. Esther had not revealed her nationality and family background, because Mordecai had forbidden her to do so.

My thoughts:
Sometimes people get asked who they'd like to meet if they could meet one person in all history. People often say names like Shakepeare, Leonardo Da Vinci, or Alexander the Great. If they're religious they might say Elijah, Paul or Jesus. I would say Esther. Not for her brain or personality. All I'm saying is that if she turned up to my door asking to play scrabble (in Hebrew), then I'd probably make time for a game of scrabble. Even if I was playing Xbox at the time. Apparently she looks like this. I'm sure that's a horrible misuse of

I particularly like the highly informative section on dinosaurs - "Satan corrupted some of the reptiles God originally created into the bizarre creatures we call dinosaurs."

Anyway, it's interesting that Esther deliberately doesn't say she's a Jew. Is it deception? Is it acceptable? Any thoughts?

My Bit:
Look at the date on your computer. Then look at the date of this post. Are they the same? Well that must mean I'm up to date with my posts! w00t! Anyway. I'm now about to go on a kids camp for 5 days, so I'll probably get behind again. Oh well. Might teach them the true cause of dinosaurs.


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