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Friday, January 20, 2006

Esther 4

Esther takes up her cross

Mordecai found out about the Jew-killing plan and ripped off his clothes and wept. He came to the king's gate, and Esther sent clothes out to him so he could enter, but he refused. Through her servant, Hathach, Esther found out about the new law, and Mordecai told her to go in front of the king and ask for the law to be reversed.

Esther reminded Mordecai that it had been a month since she had been summoned to the king, and if someone turned up unannounced, then they were killed, unless the king pointed at them with his scepter immediately. Mordecai replied saying that her options were not numerous, and if she did nothing, then someone else would save Israel but she'd die. Esther then asked Mordecai to get the Jews together and fast.

Key verse:
16. if I perish, I perish.

My thoughts:
What a powerful thing to say. "if I die, I die". I told a bunch of young people about a Mark Twain quote in the weekend, it was "If you haven't found anything worth dying for, then you aren't really living". It's so true.

If you are willing to lose it all for what you believe in, then you will always be in the position of power. The worst any person can do to you is kill you, and if that doesn't concern you, then you are pretty much untouchable.


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