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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Esther 8

A new law in place

And Esther got all of Haman's estate, and Mordecai was honoured and was put in charge of the estate.

Esther then again begged the king to reverse Haman's laws, and the king gave Esther the opportunity to write an edict from the king which couldn't be reversed. So they scripted an edict which allowed the Jews to fight against anyway who came against them and reversed Haman's laws.

The Jews rejoiced, and many people became Jews.

Key verse:
17. In every province and in every city, wherever the edict of the king went, there was joy and gladness among the Jews, with feasting and celebrating. And many people of other nationalities became Jews because fear of the Jews had seized them.

My thoughts:
Though there has been brief mentions of converts to Judaism previously in the Bible, it now seems clear that such converts were becoming more common, and to be Jewish was a matter of faith rather than ethnicity.

You've got to wonder about the wisdom of giving someone free reign to make an irreversible law.


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