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Monday, January 16, 2006

Nehemiah 13

Nehemiah goes a'cleansin'

They read in the law that foreigners were not allowed to participate in temple worship, so they followed that. But whilst Nehemiah was away with the king, a mna, Eliashib used the temple's wealth to benefit his friend. When Nehemiah returned he was angry, and got rid of the benefits, and made sure the Levites got their fair portions.

He also noticed that the Sabbath rest was largely being ignored, so he rebuked the nobles for that, and made sure that the gates of Jerusalem were shut for the Sabbath, so no traders came.

He rebuked people for foreign wives and got rid of them.

Key verse:
31. Remember me with favor, O my God.

My thoughts:
Nehemiah's entire focus is on pleasing God, and people will see him as arrogant because of it. The purpose of him writing the story of his life and Jerusalem was to show God how he had fought His battles, and here in the last chapter, he asks God to remember his deeds, and the deeds of his enemies.

We need to think to ourselves. How much are we trying to please God, and how much are we trying to please others?


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