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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Isaiah 23

Sucks to be Tyre!

Holy crap!! Tyre's destroyed!

She was the marketplace of the Mediterranian, but now the islands are silent.

Word will reach Egypt and they'll be gutted. But God planned to humble the proud. Tarshish has no harbour! God doesn't want any more reveling!

After seventy years Tyre will be like the whore in this song: "Haha! Stupid whore. No-one remembers you! Maybe if you sing, then people will remember you!". After that time, God will let Tyre whore herself to the mediterranian again, but God's people will get the spoils.

Key verse:
9. The Lord Almighty planned it,
to bring low the pride of all glory
and to humble all who are renowned on the earth.

My thoughts:
Hmm... where is Tarshish? I've heard it speculated that was over in Spain. They obviously have boats and travel the Mediterranian. But this chapter seems to imply that they are more closely connected with Tyre, north of Israel.


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