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Friday, October 20, 2006

Isaiah 24

Sucks to be Earth!

God is going to destroy the earth. The fate of all people, regardless of status, will be the same. The earth is dried up, and is defiled by our sin. The earth is, therefore, cursed. There's no joy or singing left. Just silent ruined cities.

People across the world sing glory to God, but I am cursed.

But no-one will escape this punishment. Eartho Delenda Est. Heavenly ruler and earthly kings alike will be taken prisoner. The sun and moon will shy away, and God will live in glory in Jerusalem.

Key verse:
2. it will be the same
for priest as for people,
for master as for servant,
for mistress as for maid,
for seller as for buyer,
for borrower as for lender,
for debtor as for creditor.

My thoughts:
In nuclear war, all will be cremated equal. This is an interesting eschatological issue - the destruction of the earth. It is a prophecy which is, of course, continued in the Christian faith. In Christ and his resurrection, we know that God wishes his creation to live, and not remain cursed. There seems to be a bit of tension between this wish of God, and also his desire to destroy everything and start again. It appears, however, that for God's creation to live in fullness, there must be judgement and transforming recreation of the Earth.


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