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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Isaiah 37

Sennacherib God-whomped

So Hezekiah sent messengers to Isaiah, asking him to asking God to rebuke the assyrian commander. Isaiah sent message that it would all be in God's control, and Sennacherib would flee and be killed.

And then another king was coming to attack Sennacherib so he gave Hezekiah another threat.

Then Hezekiah prayed for deliverance.

Then Isaiah prophesied:
Jerusalem mocked you, Sennachreib, and you flee. You mocked us, but God had another plan! God controls you! The food of Hezekiah will be self supporting. For the sake of David I will preserve a remnant!

Then God killed all Sennacherib's men, and so he fled and was killed by his sons in his temple.

Key verse:
6. Do not be afraid of what you have heard

My thoughts:
Hmm... Sennacherib seems to have omitted these details in his report... Trust God! Just do it!

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