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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Isaiah 44

Idle wood

Don't worry, my Israel. I'll pour my Spirit out on your descendants.

God is the only god. Nothing else measures up. Idols are useless. A blacksmith puts a lot of effort into making the idol, but it's all useless and he still ends up hungry. Same with a carpenter. He uses half the wood for firewood, and the other half for an idol. What is it? Firewood or a god? They just don't even think.

God has declared that Judah, Jerusalem and the temple will be established and built.

Key verse:
19. No one stops to think

My thoughts:
I like to be intelligent. In this chapter the author is mocking the inability of people to even think about the absurdity of their religious practices. He mocks that people see no issue with seeing one material as both firewood and a god.

So many people these days, however, do no think logically about faith and God. Christians are tied to ridiculous religious practices simply because they haven't really thought about whether it actually makes sense. Or they have thought about it, but they trust their feelings rather than what they actually know. Most non-religious NZers are non-religious out of apathy rather than any intellectual or informed decision about faith. I think it's about time that all people, Christian or otherwise, should begin thinking seriously, logically, and practically about faith and God, and start acting on what makes sense rather than what they feel like doing.

I'm going to write a book.


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