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Monday, December 04, 2006

Jeremiah 3

Cos I know that he knows I'm unfaithful and it kills him inside...

Would a cuckold go back to his wife? You're like a whore, and that's why it doesn't rain. You say one thing, but do another.

Israel when and whored herself. I divorced her, and she never came back. Her sister, Judah did the same. They don't even care.

Israel may have no faith, but Judah is unfaithful. I'm calling Israel back, once they repent.

Come back! I'm your husband! I'll give you good leaders. You won't miss the ark, because all of Jerusalem will be my footstool! I want to look after you like a Father! I'm the real God, and I'll heal you.

"Yes, we have sinned!"

Key verse:
19. How gladly would I treat you like sons
and give you a desirable land

My thoughts:
If your wife walked out on your and moved from man to man, would you wait around for her to come back? Even when we are unfaithful, God is faithful.


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