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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Jeremiah 6

Do not underestimate the dark side of the force

Flee Jerusalem, because people are coming to destroy it. God is ordering them to lay seige to Jerusalem. Jerusalem shall be warned! His order is to pluck Jerusalem clean, like a vine being plucked of grapes. God can't hold his wrath anymore. The men will lose their wives and land.

This will be like God cutting your arm off. In response, your 'prophets' offer a plaster. Useless! They aren't even embarrassed! God gave you many chances, but you denied him. So now you face disaster.

The Northern army will be well armed and cruel. You are rejected metal. Nowhere will be same. Get ready to mourn.

Key verse:
30. They are called rejected silver,
because the Lord has rejected them.

My thoughts:
Sometimes it can be hard to determine the gravity of spiritual things, as they don't seem 'real'. Here the prophets are administering an embarrassing weak solution to a very grave spiritual problem. They struggled to see the spiritual reality of God's wrath. Do not underestimate the power of spiritual things!


Anonymous Mark said...

I'm up to chapter 43 now. Changing my mind on Jeremiah - it's not so bad. Think it just took a while to get going...

9:11 am

Blogger Pete W said...

Yea, I think it has its ups and downs. Ezekiel rocks my world though. After Ezekiel, there's only short books left until Matthew.

5:49 pm


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