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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jeremiah 48


Moab's cities will be destroyed, and Moab won't be praised anymore. Run for your lives! She'll be destroyed. No-one will escape and she'll be desolate. Those who don't do God's killing will be cursed. Moab is like a dreg of wine, so insignificant that no-one has yet bothered to pour her out, but she will be now. It's coming quickly, so get ready to mourn.

Moab has no leaders and is a joke. Let her wallow in her own drunken vomit. You used to be so proud over Israel, but you have fallen so low. There will be no more offerings from Moab.

Jeremiah mourns for Moab. There is no joy anymore. But her destruction is because she went against God. They can't even flee. But God will restore Moab.

Key verse:
47. "Yet I will restore the fortunes of Moab
in days to come,"
declares the Lord.
Here ends the judgment on Moab.

My thoughts:
Gosh! What a long and repetitive chapter!

Poor Moab... I love the one-line redemption, after the 46 verse curse!


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