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Friday, January 19, 2007

Jeremiah 49

The nations

Is Israel so useless that they their cities are full of Ammonites? Your days are numbered, Ammon. God will be against you and you'll be destroyed.

Edom isn't wise anymore. They have to hide from God, but God will take their hiding places away. But the widows and orphans will be fine. Enough people suffer undeservedly, so you will certainly suffer, because you deserve it. You will become disgusting and terrorised. No-one can stop God. Edom will fall like a giant.

Damascus is weak and will be destroyed.

Kedar and Hazor will be attacked by Babylon, plundered and destroyed.

Elam's strength will go and they will be exiled. God will set his throne there, and will later restore Elam.

Key verse:
18. As Sodom and Gomorrah were overthrown,
along with their neighboring towns,"
says the Lord,
"so no one will live there;
no man will dwell in it.

My thoughts:
Gutted to be these nations.


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