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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jeremiah 51

Babylonia II

Babylon will be destroyed. Judah will not be forsaken. Babylon is unhealable. God's purpose will be done, so attack Babylon! God made the freaken earth! Compared to him, us people are dumb. God is not like our idols. God is our everything.

Messenger upon messenger tells of Babylon's destruction. They will be repaid for their violence. God will look after Judah and Babylon's gods will be shamed. Don't fear, the world will rejoice at Babylon's fall.

Jeremiah sent an official to annouce these words in Babylon

Key verse:
64. The words of Jeremiah end here.

My thoughts:
They certainly do.

It's somewhat fitting that after an entire book of Jeremiah's prophecies of Judah being handed to Babylon, Jeremiah clarifies that Babylon isn't exactly in God's good books, and cannot get away with destroying God's people.

Otherwise a boring and repetitive dumb chapter. :D


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