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Friday, January 26, 2007

Lamentations 4

There's children getting diseases from monkeys. Yea... that's what I said...

Gold has become worthless, and our once golden sons are wasted. No-one cares to feed the children. No-one is rich. At least Sodom got to die quickly. Mothers are eating their children. Everyone thought Jerusalem was secure, but no. It's leaders sins have caused this, and now the leaders are rejected as unclean. God doesn't care. We've been hunted. We're supposed to be God's anointed! The surrounding nations may rejoice now, but their time will come too, and God won't be so forgiving with them.

Key verse:
22. O Daughter of Zion, your punishment will end;
he will not prolong your exile.
But, O Daughter of Edom, he will punish your sin
and expose your wickedness.

My thoughts:
In the midst of Jerusalem's most shameful moment, they still can't help but have a go at their neighbours! Rivalry aye!

Living in the Jerusalem seige must've truly been horrible.


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