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Friday, February 16, 2007

Ezekiel 20

Continual rebellion

Some leaders came to inquire of God through Ezekiel, but God would not let them know anything. God told Ezekiel to judge them on their sins. God had wanted to be their God, but they had gone elsewhere. They should throw out their idols. But they did. God set his rules, and his Sabbath as a promise, but Israel rebelled in the desert, and God almost killed them all, but instead he taught the next generation, but they also rebelled. And it was the same until this day.

You can keep doing this and expect me to talk to you, says God. You want to be like the other nations, but I won't let you. I will drag you out of the nations and force you back into this covenant.

Serve your idols now, but you won't soon. Things will be sweet and you'll know I'm God.

Then Ezekiel prophesied against Southland.

Key verse:
42. Then you will know that I am the Lord

My thoughts:
It's interesting that God takes a more forceful approach here. His people will be his people no matter what. Even if they don't want it, God will get what he wants. Interesting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

:P I can almost see my house on that map! :D

3:24 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

heh heh.

I can see my birthplace!

3:03 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

True!! I forget you are a wannabe Southlander! :D hehe!

9:58 pm


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