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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ezekiel 45

The allotted lands

God's inheritance of land for his sanctuary and the Levite's houses is to be 12km x 10km. They the city is to be 12km x 2.5km. Each tribe will have their own land. The princes will stop oppressing.

There will be a special offering and the prince will do all the offering. A bull is to be sacrifices at the first of every month and a week later. Once a year there is a seven-day Passover and then later there is a seven-day Feast.

Key verse:
8. And my princes will no longer oppress my people but will allow the house of Israel to possess the land according to their tribes.

My thoughts:
Ezekiel speaks of the role of the prince in these passages. He appears to be both king, but also priest in this context. It is quite bizarre and I don't quite understand it in this context. It's almost like Ezekiel is avoiding the word 'king' because kings are bad.

Oh my gosh... it must be Jesus.

Or Samuel


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