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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Zechariah 13

Scattered sheep

Then there will be a fountain in Jerusalem capable of washing sin. False prophets and idols will be forgotten. The prophets will be embarrassed and will lie about their prophetic past.

Get the shepherd, so the sheep are scattered. Two-thirds of Israel will perish. The final third will be refined by God himself.

Key verse:
7. Strike the shepherd,
and the sheep will be scattered,

My thoughts:
If you think I go a long way to connect Old Testament passages with the events of the New Testament, then look at Jesus' interpretation! This seemingly irrelevant verse actually secretly refers to the disciples once Jesus is taken!

Two things:
1) Jesus had obviously read Zechariah. This has some bearing on his choice of entry into Jerusalem
2) Is Jesus wrong? Is it wrong to use this passage to refer to the disciples? It obviously wasn't specifically in the mind of the original author, but that does not make it an invalid interpretation. In light of Jesus, I would actually say that his interpretation is a correct one, to the point that we can say "One of the things which Zechariah 13:7 refers to is the state of the disciples once Jesus is taken".


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