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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Zechariah 14


A day's coming when all nations will come to take Jerusalem and succeed. Half of its people will be exiled. God himself will move mountains to fight the nations. That day will be dark, but afterwards, God himself would be king of the earth. Jerusalem will be secure, but all the attacking nations will rot alive. The survivors will worship God. All common things will be inscribed as holy.

Key verse:
9. The Lord will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one Lord, and his name the only name.

My thoughts:
I presume that this isn't to be taken literally, as it would be very confusing if everyone and everything was called 'Yahweh'.

Ah, the Day of the Lord... I know exactly when it's going to happen and what exactly's going to happen. I'm just not telling you.


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