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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Zechariah 3

A single day

Then there was Joshua the priest, with Satan on one shoulder and God's angel on the other. God rebuked Satan, and replaced Joshua's dirty clothes with clean ones, because his sin was gone. God told him to do what was right.

God was bringing his servant. He would remove the sin of the land in a single day. There will be peace among neighbours.

Key verse:
9. I will remove the sin of this land in a single day.

My thoughts:
Here we see congruency between this prophecy and Jesus' life. Jesus, of course, took away all our sin in one day in his death.

Perhaps this chapter is where the idea of having a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other came from. Perhaps...


Anonymous Deane said...

Hmmmmm ... this chapter is not only prophetic and eschatological (in some sense), but it actually concerns Jesus (Joshua).

You've finally identified a prophecy about Jesus, Pete!
Not this Jesus, though:

6:51 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

There must be some catch...

7:12 pm


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