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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Matthew 16


They asked for a sign, but it was dumb, cos they already had enough signs. They look at the sky to predict the weather, but they can't see the signs of God.

Jesus warned the disciples about the Pharisee's yeast. The disciples thought he was angry cos they forgot bread, but no... he was warning them against the Pharisee's teachings.

Jesus asked Peter who he thought he was, and Peter said he was the Christ. Jesus blessed him for this and told him that he would lead his Church. His Messiahship was secret though.

Jesus started saying that he had to die, but Peter wouldn't accept it, so Jesus rebuked him. You have to be willing to lose your whole life to follow God.

Key verse:
16. Simon Peter answered, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

My thoughts:
Ah Peter's confession. The fact that Jesus was the Christ certainly wasn't obvious at this stage. Jesus didn't go around saying it heaps, and when it did come out (like here), he told people and demons to keep quiet about it. Peter has done well in recognising this. Which is odd for Peter, who usually does things wrong, like in the following passage where Jesus has to rebuke his as Satan.

Yes Peter knew Jesus was the Christ, but he probably still hoped for a political ruler, not someone who came to die. Jesus had to rebuke Peter for him seeking his own desires rather than God's plans.


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