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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Matthew 9

Jesus vs. the religious-types

Jesus went home and healed a man brought to him on a mat. He forgave his sins, which irritated all the religious-types. But the crowd was convinced by his authority.

Jesus called Matthew, the sinful tax-collector to be his disciple. He had dinner with Matthew and other sinners, which irritated all the religious-types, but Jesus came for the sick, not the well.

Jesus' disciples did not fast at that time because God was right there with them in Jesus.

On the way to healing a dead girl, a diseased woman had the faith to touch Jesus. She was healed for her faith. Jesus also healed the dead girl.

Jesus healed a blind man according to his faith, and told him to be quiet about it, but he wasn't. He also cast a demon out of a deaf man. The religious-types decided that this was because he has Satan's power over his demons.

Jesus went around healing. He knew that the harvest was great. It's the workers who are sparse!

Key verse:
29. According to your faith will it be done to you

My thoughts:
Interestingly, Matthew here preserves a shorter version of the man-on-a-mat text than Mark. Normally it's the other way around.

So Jesus hangs out with sinners. Yay! Matthew's parties are the ones we should be emulating.

So the key verse I chose today is interesting. It is very well used by Pentecostal-types. But I think that it's ultimately true. How much you receive from God is somewhat dependent on how much faith you have.

So much happens in every chapter in the New Testament! I should be doing half-a-chapter-a-day.


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