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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Luke 8

Deja vu

Jesus was supported by a bunch of following women. Jesus told the seed story again, and told the disciples the real meaning.

Nothing will be hidden in the end, so be careful in the secret.

Jesus' spiritual family are more important than his physical family.

He calmed a storm to people's amazement.

Jesus went to the other side of the lake, and healed a guy of many demons by sending them to pigs which killed themselves. The town told Jesus to leave, so he did. The didn't let the man follow.

Jesus went to heal a dead little girl, and on the way a woman got herself healed by having the faith to touch Jesus. Jesus then went to heal the dead girl.

Key verse:
39. Return home and tell how much God has done for you.

My thoughts:
Some people are to tell the world. Others are to tell those around them.

Yea... This is all repeated from previous gospels. Yea.


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