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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mark 9

Confused disciples

Jesus and some key disciples went up a mountain, and Jesus turned all white, and Elijah and Moses turned up. The disciples were confused, but it was over as soon as it started. Jesus told them not to tell anyone about his true glory until after he had risen from the dead. They didn't know what he meant by rising from the dead.

Jesus explained that Elijah had come before him in the form of John, who was now dead.

The disciples failed in trying to cast out a nasty demon in a boy. Jesus said that you can do anything if you believe, and cast the demon out. The disciples couldn't do it because that demon only came out by prayer.

The disciples argued about who was best, and Jesus said that they had to become a servant to be the best. The need to welcome children.

It doesn't matter what group you're in, as long as you are doing things in Jesus' name.

Actively act against causes of sin.

Key verse:
23. Everything is possible for him who believes.

My thoughts:
Compare Mark 9:40 with Matthew 12:30. Funny aye? I think you'll find the context is quite different.

The transfiguration has a little bit here that I hadn't noticed before. Jesus predicts his resurrection, not only his death. I didn't realise that he did that here.

I always find the story of the boy the disciples couldn't heal a bit strange. Jesus' point seems to be that it only takes faith to heal, but then his later point is that healing can have different causes, including prayer.

Perhaps the idea of praying was for the disciples, and the idea of faith was for the boy's father.


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