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Saturday, August 25, 2007

John 15

Hateful world

Stay connected to Jesus, the vine, and you will grow and not get chopped. Stay in his love. We are his friends, because we know his business, unlike slaves.

We're not better than Jesus. The world hated him, and it will hate us too. Jesus told his disciples to spread the message once the Holy Spirit comes and he's gone.

Key verse:
13. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

My thoughts:
For changing reasons the world really isn't that keen on Christians. Right now, in our society, people just think we're stupid. Especially on the internet, there is so much news and opinion pieces about how stupid faith is. I have yet to meet one that has truly shaken me, and generally I just read them and can't help but think how ignorant it all is. But so many people just lap it up. Like this recent news about Mother Teresa's lack of faith. People are making it sound like she wasn't a Christian, but just pretended to be. If you read what she actually wrote, then she just sounds like a passionate, soulful, thoughtful, tormented Christian who had a massive burden to carry. She talked about her stresses and doubts and even her depression. She sounded like a normal Christian with a massive cross to bear.

But no, apparently Mother Teresa was an athiest. It annoys me how stupid people are sometimes.

Anyway, this is an another way John is showing how key Jesus is. He is the vine, the source of life. Without him, we are just dead.


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