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Friday, August 17, 2007

John 7

Sneaking into the Feast

Jesus hid from Jerusalem, because they wanted to kill him, and it wasn't his time yet. His brothers told him to go down for the festival, but Jesus said he wasn't going but went secretly later. The Jews couldn't find him.

Halfway through Jesus got up to teach, and said that his words came from God, and told them to chill out about the whole healing on the Sabbath thing.

They were surprised that no-one was killing Jesus standing there openly. Jesus made some big calls, so they tried to kill him, but failed. It wasn't his time. Jesus said he was going somewhere unfindable. That confused people, and then Jesus explained how he was going to give the Spirit.

The guards sent to catch Jesus didn't cos they began to like Jesus. The Pharisees, except one who had met up with Jesus, didn't like Jesus.

Key verse:
33. I am with you for only a short time, and then I go to the one who sent me.

My thoughts:
Firstly, the Pharisees are wrong in saying that no prophets come from Galilee. Jonah came from Galilee.

Anyway, Jesus actually lies at the beginning of this chapter. He says that he won't go to the Feast, but secretly planned to go. Later versions changed his words so that it doesn't look like he lies. Is Jesus a sinner? I would be quicker to say that this shows that you shouldn't push the measurement of sin to a trivial sense.

Anyway, John seems to have a clearer narrative flow than the other gospels. The narrative is quite different than other gospels, but makes a lot of sense internally. It's quite cool to read as a thought-provoking novel, perhaps more so that other gospels. It has a clear purpose who weaves throughout the whole narrative, and rather than try to state everything that Jesus did, it illuminates a few key events that speak to John's point.


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