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Friday, September 14, 2007

Acts 14

Missionary travels and encouragement

At Iconium, the town was divided between those who followed Paul and Barnabas, and those who tried to stop them. After quite a while, they fled, hearing that they were going to be stoned.

In Lystra, Paul healed a crippled man. They thought Paul and Barnabas were gods. They didn't like this, but talked about the living God. But they still worshipped them. Some enemies were following them, and Paul was stoned, but didn't die. They preached at Derbe, then retraced their steps and encouraged the Christians and appointed elders. They then returned to Antioch, and told their stories and stayed there for ages.

Key verse:
22. We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God

My thoughts:
Notice that this is Paul's first statement of 'encouragement' to the churches. Things are going to be hard. Sometimes we think that the early church had it all easy compared to now, with lots of converts and lots of success. In a certain sense, living in the early church would've been very exciting, but it certainly wasn't easier.


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