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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Romans 2

Deep down, we're all a bit Jewish

Don't judge, cos you're a sinner too. God judged by truth. You don't. God will judge you based on your evil deeds. Knowing the law doesn't redeem you. Following it does. Even if you haven't heard the law, you can follow it.

Say you're Jewish and are proud of the law. Well don't be, unless you actually keep it. Which you don't. You have nothing to be proud about.

Circumcision and outward things don't make you Abraham's child, and don't save you.

Key verse:
29. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man's praise is not from men, but from God.

My thoughts:
Paul is addressing an issue of Jewish superiority in the Roman church. Paul is making it very clear that Jews have no birthright of superiority. Their Jewish customs and outwards things don't make them more holy.

Paul is still leading into the gospel; that we are saved through Jesus. Not through the law or birthright. He's still clarifying that we're all in need to saving.

There is a bit of an implication that Judaism is nothing to do with race, which would make us Christians Jewish in Paul's sense.


Anonymous Mark said...

I think it's useful for those on all sides of the debate over Romans 1 & homosexuality to pay attention to the opening verses of Romans 2.

People often seem to overlook them since they've been assigned to the next chapter...

4:36 pm

Anonymous Deane said...

A greater threat to morality than male effeminacy is the quiescence of the Aleph. Oh, Aleph, how could you give up your consonantal phonemics?!! It's just unnatural.

And it's worth singing a lament about:

The Aleph has Quiesced
by Adam Thomas

The entire class is stressed ‘cause the aleph has quiesced
And we never would have guessed that the Masoretic text
Has so many dots and squiggles that we’re all reduced to giggles
Like we’re all on laughing gas.
We try to learn a way to find every dagesh forte
mappiq in ending-He and which of the shewas to say
There are no letter vowels and so many sound like growls
That we wonder if we’ll pass.
Our glottal stops are wrong and our Pe’s are poorly drawn
The tetragrammaton has all its vowels gone
Some compensatory lengthening,
add a doubling dot for strengthening
See that wandering dagesh left.
The article has hid, squeezed out by that lamed
And the furtive pathah slid, from left to right it did
All we do is stammer when we try to use this grammar
We’re feeling quite bereft.
A king, the king, to a king, to the king, let’s sing,
did you bring your Weingreen?
My horse, your horse, male horse, female horse,
this course is the source of bad dreams!
In Hebrew without fail, the words all start off male
And the vowels look like Braille,
it makes us want to wail
This language when created was triliteral agluttonated
And the roots are so hard to find
We’re all going insane when we add the construct chain
And double up on Bane, oh pronouns are a pain
We’re getting quite obsessive about which one is possessive
In our daily Hebrew grind.

10:21 am

Anonymous Mark said...

Hey Pete - the Jehovah's Witness lady came back again!

I hit her with John 1:1 and asked: If Jesus is "a god", created after Jehovah, then how come Isaiah 43:10 has God/Jehovah saying no god will be created after him?

She countered that lots of things in the Bible are called "gods". Satan is the "god of this world", we have the "god of our stomach", etc.

So then I asked her if she was saying that Jesus is at the same level of Satan and that praying to or worshipping Jesus is wrong.

She seemed a little confused cos she couldn't find my question in her answer book and hesitantly said yes.

Then I pointed out Acts 7:59 where Stephen prays to Jesus...

She stayed for over 30 minutes so I just kept hitting her with things like that. In the end she had to write down my verses to go and do more study since her "how to convert someone" book didn't cover my questions.

So, at the very least, doing this chapter-a-day thing with you has allowed me to know the Bible well enough to have fun when JWs come knocking :)

5:14 pm

Blogger Dave said...

Woah Pete, you should be finished by early next year!

If you catch up with the schedule, that is...

I should come here more often, it's quite entertaining.

5:00 am

Blogger Pete W said...

Yea... so good stuff with the JWs. Sounds like fun!

And yes, ultimately as Christians we should avoid judging, though that doesn't mean we don't call sin for what it is.

Deane, you are a ridiculous person, though that song is pretty awesome. For quite a specific audience.

9:36 pm


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