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Friday, October 05, 2007

Romans 7

What I do do, I do not want to do, but that through which I did not do, I do too, for the voodoo I do do, I do by the doodoo I threw too, for what is done is deja vu and not what I am to do. Too. Do.

It's like marriage. A woman is bound to a man for life, and if she goes off with another man, she is committing adultery. If the husband dies, however, she can have another husband.

Similarly, we have died to the law, so that we can belong to a new Spirit.

The law isn't sin, but it recognises sin, which incidentally allows sin to live and kills us, though the law was good.

I'm very confused and can't control myself. It doesn't matter what good I want to do, I keep sinning from my sinful nature. There's an internal battle within me. How on earth am I saved? Praise Jesus! That's all I say. My mind is God's, but my nature is sin's.

Key verse:
15. I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

My thoughts:
And they say the Bible is hard to read! But it's sweet hearing that Paul struggles with sin and his sinful nature too. Makes us all feel better!

But anyway, let's talk about marriage for a bit. Someone I was talking to recently said that you couldn't remarry even if your spouse died, which I disagreed with, and, as always, I was right, as is clearly shown at the beginning of this passage. My view is that divorce is not legitimate except for martial unfaithfulness, and so you should not remarry unless your spouse dies.

Of course I know many people who have remarried, and it doesn't have to be a big deal, but my views will definitely guide how I live my life.

So yeah.


Anonymous Deane said...

The only prohibition against marrying a widow in the Torah, that I know of, concerns priests: Lev 21.7, 13-15. So, you can feel free to marry a widow, Pete. I trust that helps.

7:56 am

Blogger Pete W said...

super-dooper. That's my plan. I hear they're super lonely and desperate.

9:39 pm


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