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Saturday, November 03, 2007

2 Corinthians 4

Slowly I become one with the mud

We don't do this secretly or deceptively, but openly. It's only clouded from those the devil has stopped from seeing. So God has made us lights of his glory in a dark world. We're like dirty pots, but God has put a great treasure inside of us. It's difficult, but we haven't lost hope yet. We carry death in others, so the life of Jesus can be shown to others.

We speak out of faith. We will be raised. We may suffer outwardly, but God's doing an awesome thing inside us. We don't focus on the current difficulties, but the promised and unseen good to come.

Key verse:
7. we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.

My thoughts:
I'm finding this letter quite hard to follow. It's hard to figure out what Paul is really saying. So this key verse is chosen mostly because of the band Jars of Clay.

Anyway, it seems that sucky stuff is going on for Paul and his crew, but he's trying to tell the Corinthians that it's all okay. Sometimes the only way to deal with stuff is to focus on heaven and realise that our suffering is only temporal.

Only one month behind! W00t!


Anonymous Deane said...

You are truly racing now, Pete.

Wouldn't it just be typical if you were about to finish Revelation and then Paul's long lost letter to the Laodicians turned up. Pah! Typical!!

8:08 am

Blogger Pete W said...

That would be JUST MY LUCK. It's probably be about 15 chapters long (cos Paul wrote in chapters...) so it would just go over the leap year day, and screw up the maths of our chapter finder thingee!

It would probably be horribly heretical and I would probably disagree with it, so I probably wouldn't accept it as canon anyway. Why would God change his one true scriptures? He's never done that before!

6:14 pm

Blogger Huggies said...

jars of clay, jars of clay, jars of clay, jars of clay, jars of clay, jars of clay, jars of clay, jars of clay, jars of claaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:37 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

I'll jar your clay

10:53 pm


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