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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Colossians 1

Seeing the invisible

Yo Colossian brothers,

I've heard lotsa good things about your love and faith. You've taken hold of the gospel which is budding all over the world. So I always pray for you, so that you'll live a worthy life and always be strengthened, knowing that God qualified you to share in the great inheritance through his Son.

Oh Jesus... he's tops. He's the creator of all, and all creation is made for him. He is the beginning, and the first one resurrected, so that we'd know that he's #1. God was stoked to completely live in him and to save the world through him. You were once enemies of God because of your sin, but now you have no blemishes.

I'm all about building the church and bringing more before God without blemish.

Key verse:
15. He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.

My thoughts:
Jehovah's Witnesses go along their usual line with this, which basically is "Jesus is almost almost almost almost God, but not quite, so this language is appropriate even though he's not God". I reckon if it looks like a God, if it smells like a God, if it feels like God, then it's probably not a duck.

If we taken Jesus' divinity as a given, then this says something cool still. Jesus is the image of the invisible God. We cannot see God. He is invisible. But we can see Jesus. Jesus is his image. By looking at him we see God. He is God's personal and visible revelation.

He's also the agent of creation which is pretty choice.

I don't know much about colossians other than that it contains this passage in verses 15-20. I don't know it's point or background. Maybe I should go read my NIV study notes... I think I left them in Dunedin though. Meh, I'll just ask the internet. The internet knows all.


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