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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Philippians 1

The life and death of Paul

I know God won't ditch you before his plan is finished. I pray simply that you love more, so you can know the right things to do.

The fact that I'm now imprisoned helps the Gospel. Everyone know why I'm here, and Christians are getting bolder. Some people are preaching to get me sympathy, others to get me trouble. Oh well, I'm just stoked that people are preaching about Christ.

The Spirit helps me. It doesn't matter whether I live or die. If I live, I live for Jesus, if I die, I will see him.

Live the way you should and be unified. This will be the sign that you are destined for salvation, not destruction.

Key verse:
21. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

My thoughts:
What a cool verse. We need to be so absolutely content with where God has put us that neither death nor life is of particular consequence. We're just doing God's plan. God wins in the end, and our lives and deaths are part of it!

I use verse 15 to show that though people should have good motivation, it's more important that they preach the Gospel then make sure they have made themselves somehow worthy to do it. I'll all for good motives, but too many people use inadequacy as an 'excuse' not to preach. No-one is adequate.

Verse 6 is also famous, but it's really just specific for the Philippi church, so I wouldn't instantly say that it's true for all Christians. I was thinking about this today. What about the seed that falls on the rocky ground? It sprouts but dies shortly after because there is no foundation. The plant is a growth of a person. Did God completely what he started there? Or was God faithful and working, but the person wasn't up to it? This could become a Augustinians/Pelagian issue.


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