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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 Timothy 3

Bloody liberals...

It'll be bad towards the end. People will be arrogant, self-loving, and hedonistic. They act holy, but have no interest in God's power. They'll pick on the weak and guilt-ridden and deceive them to their view. They won't get far though.

But you, Tim, follow my example. You know my life and teaching. The truth is that if you follow God, you'll be persecuted, but the others will keep being deceived. Keep doing what you've been taught. Use the scripture which is all good.

Key verse:
16. All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness

My thoughts:
Today's key verse is widey loved by evangelicals like myself. The funny thing is, of course, that this verse is almost certainly referring to a bunch of non-canonical Jewish texts, and almost certainly does not refer to the New Testament of which the verse is a part. However, the concept of divine inspiration of scripture is there, and that's one concept us evangelicals love to affirm.

I have to say that there seem to be a lot of church people these days who fulfil verse 5 quite well. They have the form of godliness but deny its power. So many people happy to go through the motions, to do church, to do holiness but with no attempt or real desire to actually live in the power of God.


Anonymous Mark said...

I find it fascinating that so many evangelicals have verse 16 memorised but I've never heard any reciting verse 12 ("everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted").

I see verse 12 as representing a key theme that runs throughout Paul's writing. It's a theme that's doesn't sit so comfortably with our cushy Western lifestyles (and therefore tends to go unmentioned...)

[you're finally getting close enough to where I'm reading that I can remember bits I want to comment on]

9:42 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

heh heh. I'm glad I've caught up enough!

Yea... selective reading'n'that. All 'groups' do it. That why you shouldn't align your identity with a group, but with a Bible.

It's like when I tell girls "I don't love you", and they just hear "I ... love you"

9:55 am

Blogger Huggies said...

I guess it's just impossible to believe that you wouldn't love us, Pete.

I mean, you're such a lovable guy - surely that goes both ways? :)

9:46 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

You'd think so... but the world is a fallen place

10:48 pm


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