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Thursday, December 20, 2007

2 Timothy 4

Keeping the faith

Keep teaching and preaching. Soon people will just listen to what they want to hear. You need to keep going with the truth, because my time is up, and I'm about to receive my reward.

I have no friends except Luke. Many have left me or hurt me. Come quick with my things and with Mark. Don't blame peopel for leaving me. God has strengthened me. Bye.

Key verse:
7. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

My thoughts:
So this Luke is supposed to be the Luke who wrote the gospel as Paul's aide. I have a feeling that this Mark is perhaps the John Mark who was Peter's companion and is considered to have perhaps written the Gospel according to Mark. I find the key people of the early church who end up on the edges of scripture very interesting.

The key verse is cool. What an awesome thing to be able to say at the end of one's life. I made a commitment when I was 11 to follow Jesus for the rest of my life. Despite the fact that I really don't envision me leaving that promise, being able to look back and say that I have kept a promise I made 70 years ago will be quite an achievement given all the temptations and doubts this world throws at you.


Blogger Huggies said...

"given all the temptations and doubts this world throws at you"

Doubts, huh? Like whether you're 'normal', having attended 11 consecutive Summer Wine camps and leading kids who weren't born when you started attending?

huggies would like to point out that as this year's camp has been renamed to New Wine - Summer, that this will be your first New Wine - Summer camp. And also the first New Wine - Summer camp that you will be helping at Cutting Edge at.

Here's to change and new horizons, w00t!

...OK, so that's slightly faulty reasoning. Try this: sometimes the constants in our lives are what keep us sane. Or, in your case, relatively sane. At least you can say you've lived away from home. Unlike some of us.

Oh, and huggies would also like to point out that "people" generally isn't spelt 'peopel'. Just a thought.

11:51 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

I think you'll find it's people in America, and UK/NZ it's peopel.

Yea... I just get this weird semi-nostalgic feeling when I think of things that have been in my life for ages when so much has changed!

5:46 pm


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