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Monday, December 31, 2007

Hebrews 7

Melchizedek = Jesus. Ish.

I mean, this Melchizedek was freaken Jesus practically! Even Abraham gave him a tenth even before Levi was born out of his line!

Why did Melchizedek exist if the Levite line held salvation? We have a new line, with new rules. It's in the order of Melchizedek. It's Jesus. God promised not to take his mind. And because Jesus lives forever, he can save forever. He's perfect. His one sacrifice lasts forever like continuing sacrifices cannot!

Key verse:
27. He sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself.

My thoughts:
I always get a bit confused about the relationship between Mechizedek and Jesus, but what's clear here is that Jesus is a new type of priest with different rules and he brings salvation in a way no other can. It's powerful stuff, and it's cool in that it absolutely affirms the unique saving power of Jesus' sacrifice.


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