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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Titus 2

Kicking deaf kids when they ain't looking (they can't hear you coming...)

Teach old men and women to be reverent and respectful. The older women should be able to teach the younger how to love. Teach young men to have some self-control, and to set and example. Teach slaves to avoid rebellion and to be trustworthy. All this is so that we are beyond repute and make Jesus attractive.

God's grace teaches us how to have self-control and how to say 'No'. We just wait for Jesus' return.

Key verse:
10. so that in every way they will make the teaching about God our Savior attractive.

My thoughts:
Some people would consider this 'making attractive' of Jesus as a form of deception. But unlike some other faiths ( Scientology ) which would actually allow or even encourage apparent compromise (or even lies) regarding their faith to make it more attractive, Christianity simply asks that we be absolutely reputable in our society.

Yea... that's right... I compared Christianity to Scientology to make it look good. Kinda like kicking a small disabled child to feel tough, but hey, that ain't below me.

Anywho... for me this sheds some extra light on the whole wife submission thing. Perhaps the Bible 'commands' it purely based on the expectations of society. Society considered it good for women to submit, and because I guess it wasn't a big enough deal, the church was told to do what was good in society's eyes on this point to be attractive to society. Imagine a man whose wife never does what he says, and he looks at somebody else's Christian wife who is submissive. Wouldn't you want to become a Christian? Of course, this is all only focussed on the man's opinion, which is probably it's flaw. Women might look at the Christian woman and see no personality and independence and the last thing they would want to do might be becoming a Christian.

Anyway, this chapter shows that doing things largely just for the opinion of society is not necessarily bad.


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