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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Titus 3

3rd strike, and you're out

Tell people not to rebel against authority, and just generally be good in people's eyes. We used to be lost like the world, but now we've been set free by God's mercy through Jesus. Don't get caught up in squabbles and Jewish arguments. Give people two warnings, then leave them.


Key verse:
10. Warn a divisive person once, and then warn him a second time. After that, have nothing to do with him.

My thoughts:
So here we come back into the whole excommunication thing. The possibilities of what the Bible could mean if you truly take it literally are hilarious. For example here, the passage gives no indication that if they stop and repent after a warning that you should commune with them again. It says that if they're being divisive then warn them twice then ditch them, regardless of whether they repent.

But I don't think that's what Paul is meaning here though. The whole excommunication thing does make me a bit uncomfortable, but I guess here it's not just someone who you disagree with or who is sinning. It's someone who is actively causing splits and issues in the church community. Sometimes these types of people do exist, and I think that in reality the best way to deal with some of them is to get rid of them. So I agree with the Bible. Big surprise.

My current theory is that all New Testament books start with either J, P, or T (representing the streams of the Torah). No exceptions. John, 1 John, Philemon, Philippians, Timothy, Thessalonians, Jude, Peter, James, Titus, Paul. No exceptions. Job, Psalms, The exodus, The genesis, The Isaiah. No exceptions.


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