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Thursday, January 24, 2008

1 John 5

Water and blood

So we're called to show our love by following God's commands, which aren't too hard because we're born of God. This is through Jesus, who was baptised and who also bled. In addition to this he's testified by the Spirit. But most of all we have God's testimony that Jesus gives eternal life. If you get the Son you get life, if not, you don't.

I say all of this so you believe and live. We know God will hear us when we pray, so pray when a friend commits a non-fatal sin. In God we are safe from the enemy, unlike the rest of the world.

Don't have anything to do with idols.

Key verse:
13. I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.

My thoughts:
I love how this letter ends. John just gives a final command to do with idols which is completely unrelated to anything else he's been saying. A weird ending whatever the case. Maybe there was more but I wouldn't think that there'd be much more because the key verse seems to imply that the letter was coming to an end.

Anyway, I've used a bit of creative license for my summary here, by pointing to the water as baptism and the blood as Jesus' crucifixion. It can also be understood as the water and blood that flowed out from Jesus on the cross. Whatever the case, the writer is trying to emphasise the real suffering of Jesus in the midst of people who are trying to make Jesus seem like a super-human who didn't suffer per se.

Finally, the key verse is such a good summary of what John is trying to do here. There is a similar refrain at the end of his gospel. He's a true evangelist.


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