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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

1 Peter 4

Suffering for the name

Bodily suffering keeps you from sin. You've been a sinner for long another, but now you're different and the world hates you for it. But all will face judgement; the living and the dead. That's why it's okay that we preached to people who are now dead.

The end's coming. Love each other and use the gifts God gave you. Do everything as if you're God's representative.

You shouldn't be surprised that you have to suffer so much. Be happy that you're joining Jesus' suffering. You can bear him name suffering as a Christian. You have his Spirit. Just follow God, your creator.

Key verse:
8. love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

My thoughts:
This passage gives us a hint as to how quickly the name "Christian" became adopted by the Christians. It was firstly an external name of mild slander, but the Christians owned it. Here Peter says that we should be stoked to suffer as a Christian.

Gosh, how willing are we to do this? Christians these days crumble under even the slightest pressure in the Western world. We need to be willing and unsurprised to suffer for our faith, and our willingness to do so depends of our faith.

Of course, we don't seek suffering yadda yadda...


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