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Monday, January 28, 2008

Revelation 1

Really shiny man

Jesus showed me, John, what was happening soon so I could tell you, the seven churches in Asia. Praise God!

Jesus is coming through the sky, and everyone will see him. Even his enemies. "I'm the beginning and the end" says Jesus. I'm imprisoned in Patmos because of the Gospel. I was told by Jesus himself to write to you seven churches. He was in a long robe with a gold sasg. He was all white, but his eyes were fire, and from his mouth a really sharp sword. I fell to my knees so fast I thought I was dead, but he told me who he was and not to worry. He told me to write what I'd seen, including the seven stars in his hand which were angels to each of the seven lampstands around him which were you seven churches.

Key verse:
8. "I am the Alpha and the Omega," says the Lord God, "who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty."

My thoughts:
So here we are, finally at Revelation. Only 22 chapters to go! I just worked out that I should catch up in time for 'the end' with about 1 day to spare or something. Maybe 3...

Anyway, I'm thinking that Revelation is going to be hard work! Long chapters, and lots of them, and generally difficult content!

So Revelation is apocalyptic literature, and generally either the Apocalypse of Peter of this Revelation of John made it into the early lists of Christian books, but the Johannine one obviously won out in the end. I just read about the Apocalypse of Peter and I'm quietly stoked that it isn't in our canon, as it seems a bit weird and extreme with very specific descriptions of hell; a specificity that the rest of the Bible seems to almost intentionally avoid.

The Apocalypse of Peter makes no uncertain claims about abortion, however! That is another matter which the canon doesn't appeal to specifically.

Anyway, so don't forget that Revelation is a letter, from John to some churches. The centre-point of this chapter is the image of Jesus that John sees. It's very powerful. I love the sword as Jesus' tongue. It's very consistent with Hebrews 4, describing God's Word as a double-edged sword.

So a lot of Revelation is very figurative. Keep that in mind.


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