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Monday, February 18, 2008

It is finished!

Dear all who have read this over the years,

It is finished!

I started this blog in November 2004 and have been doing it until today, February 18th 2008. That's about 3.5 years. This blog never saw a large readership, however if you read my first introduction post on November 16, 2004 you'll find that that was never it's purpose.

Firstly, I want to thank all the people who have read along with me or have commented on my posts. In recognition of my appreciation, I am delighted to give you all a free car* each.

Please keep commenting on chapters as you read them, and I'll still reply. All chapters are complete and can be found using our little device on the top right on the page.

I'm happy that I managed to achieve a ridiculous plan I set out 1189 days ago. I've done it in a relatively consistent way, and generally kept to my timeframe. I have, at times, been up to a month and half behind, but I'll always managed to catch up, and I finished on the right day without breaking my rule of only doing a maximum of two chapters per day.

So what has happened in my life over the last 1189 years? Well, I have moved back to New Zealand, moved to Dunedin and had a whole new life down here. I've completed my first 24 papers at University without getting a degree. I've gone from being a newbie at Elim in Dunedin to being a lifegroup leader to being the Student Pastor. I've received a nephew and a niece to add to the one nephew I already had. I'm pretty sure I had both my brothers-in-law before I started this. No-one close to me has died. I've had one girlfriend and fallen in love at least once, yet am still desirably single. I've learnt Hebrew. I've been on a missions trip to Thailand. I've started crying occasionally again. I've kept and shared my faith.

To be honest, I'm happy this blog is over. It forced me to it in front of the computer every day, which meant I wasted time on the computer doing other stuff because I'm ill-disciplined. I'm happy to have achieved what I have, but I will actually have a significant chunk of time back each day, and I can actually go days without finding a computer because I don't have an excuse anymore. I'll be more diligent at work because I won't have an ulterior motive to do my blog!

The question now is, what will my daily countdown programme do once it reaches zero? Only time will tell.

On to the Apocrypha!

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Anonymous esvl said...

Congratulations. This has got to be the best thing I have read about all day. I only discovered this blog now but I really have to say that this is encouraging. I am planning to start a south african blog about the bible called and this has given me some boost to get going. Thanks.

10:47 am

Anonymous Mark said...

Sweet, I knew there would be some kind of prize or award for getting to the end! I'll expect a "free car*" next time I see you...

2:13 pm

Anonymous Mark said...

p.s. I take "* Free car not actually real" to mean that you still owe me some kind of virtual car. Or maybe one of those little match-box cars. They're not actually real...

2:18 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

Hey esvl! Better late than never. I think the biggest success of my blog is the couple of people who have been encouraged to do their own because of it!

Mark, you can believe what you want to believe!

2:41 pm

Blogger Paul said...

Congratulations, Peter - an amazing effort - I can't even remember back to Nov 2004, and then there's all of 2005, 2006, 2007 and a bit of 2008! I hope the real benefit will be a foundation of familiarity with scripture that will reap benefits for years to come, and reading it and writing it up for other to read will have enhanced your engagement with the Bible hugely. Anyway, don't need to write a sermon but a huge pat-on-the-back for sticking with it and take a worthwhile break. Love the DaD.

7:57 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Peter
I posted a comment earlier but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. This is your mother - you know that because I call you Peter (like St Peter & your Granddad) and not Pete (yuk).
Congratulations on finishing - proud of you for persevering.

Lots of love
Your Mum

9:06 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

Thanks parentals! I guess I should probably keep reading the Bible somehow anyway... but how can you read the Bible without a blog?

10:51 am

Blogger James Pate said...

Congratulations! I'll still keep this link on my blog, though, because you offer insights on every single chapter of the Bible. That's encyclopedic!

10:28 am

Blogger Pete W said...

Haha! yea. They're not always super-profound! I see you're a Hebrew scholar! I do Hebrew too, but very rarely when back to it for this blog, so don't expect that sorta depth! I'm still just learning.

Cheers James!

10:57 am

Blogger David said...

Two nephews and a niece all older eh?

Anyway, the "Only x days to go!" thing will accurately tell you how many days since you finished (using negative numbers)... until February 29. I didn't make it care about leap years because I didn't have to. I could try to make a working "I finished this blog x days ago!" thing if you'd like.

2:40 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

I don't know what you're talking about...

but yes... it seems to be a day off already. Maybe it'll make it more correct! I'm sure I can figure that out, but I'm too lazy.


3:44 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! All done :) Congratulations! You have done an awesome job. Now you have heaps of time to concentrate on all the AWESOME things God is going to do in Dunedin this year!!! :D Hehe! Bring it on!

2:25 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

Yea! It's gunna be good!

2:33 pm

Blogger Natalie said...

congratulations, honey :)

10:38 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

cheers babe

11:48 am

Blogger Deane said...

Well done, Pete!

10:48 pm

Blogger Huggies said...

Hmmmm...turns out i'm -7 days late with my congratulations.

Ah well. Guess I'll just have to amuse myself by leaving random comments elsewhere.

6:22 am

Blogger Dave said...

-7 days late is 7 days early.


2:27 am

Blogger Pete W said...

That is true... though I'm not sure of your reference...

6:11 pm

Blogger Pete W said...


8:40 pm

Blogger Dave said...

When are you going to start on the apocrypha?

4:21 am

Blogger Pete W said...

Start on my honeymoon

10:07 am

Blogger Huggies said...

Petey Pyjamas...I wonder if you will get this comment...

Well, I thought I should inform you that I have to lead a girls' group study on Romans 10, so I've come to see what you say about it. Because you're so darn influential.

And because I lack imagination :)

But rest assured that I haven't forgotten achapteraday

6:56 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

I will never miss an achapteraday comment! Never!

9:39 am

Anonymous drucpec said...

i just read your numbers 25... love the way you describe things and make it easy for all readers..

"Then a guy called Zimri brings home a Midianite women, Cozbi. But then, Phinehas, Aaron's grandson, gets a spear and throws it through the both of them in one throw. Woah..."

haha.. love the woah

i wish i had known about this in 04

6:50 am

Blogger Pete W said...

Cheers drucpec. I'm all about the drama!

10:52 am

Blogger Jesse Crows said...

good read!

12:16 pm

Anonymous Mark said...

I assume you no longer check comments here, but I wanted to record the fact that I've just finished reading the [Protestant] Bible cover-to-cover, at roughly a chapter a day, for the third time. That'll be the last time, as it's a silly way to read the Bible (though I told myself I wouldn't do it again after the first and second times too...).

9:42 pm

Blogger Pete W said...

Woo Mark! There are better ways to do it, yes, but I don't think it's a bad way if it makes you do it! My current strategy is just to read through entire books and tick them off a list. But even reading this has just convicted me that I haven't been very systematic in making sure I'm reading the whole Bible. And I still haven't read the Apocrypha.

And yes, I still get emails when people occasionally comment on my blog. This blog got more hits per month after I finished it than during.

12:52 am

Anonymous Mark said...

Yeah cover-to-cover is better than nothing (and I should add my thanks to you and your blog for getting me into the habit). But I find the non-chronological order irritating and it's really tough having the mammoth books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel effectively back-to-back (with only cheery old Lamentations providing a respite). So, after nearly 10 years, time for a new approach!

10:43 am


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