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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Revelation 21

The new-maker

Then there was a new heaven and earth replacing the old. There was a new Jerusalem, the bride. God now lived with people and makes everything sweet. It's all new! Life to the overcomers, and second death to the sinners.

Jerusalem was Jesus' bride. It was like a beautiful jewel. There was one gate for each tribe, and one foundation for each apostle. It was a cube of 2,200km with thick walls. It was made of very expensive jewels and gold. There is no temple nor sun nor moon, because God's presence was there and he's shiny enough himself! There is no night. Only those in the book cane enter. Nothing impure will be there.

Key verse:
5. He who was on the throne said, "I am making everything new!"

My thoughts:
John/God paints a pretty sweet picture here. It is utter perfection in way unimaginable to us. God's presence would be undeniably present. I'd assume there'd be no tiredness, because there's no night and probably no sleep. It's all very cool.

Here it connected the second death with a lake of sulfur which connects it closer to the final destination of the unholy trinity, but it's certainly not conclusive.

The apostles are highly elated here with the tribes of Israel. It makes clear the priority of the initial apostles as having a special role over all those who would follow. They are eye-witnesses of Jesus. It also shows how the church is the new Israel, God's new people, his new Jerusalem. Very cool.

So Jerusalem is the bride, though often we think of the church as the bride, but I reckon there will be no distinction between the church and Jerusalem.

I love God's desire to make things new. He's the creator! Yay!

There is an implication here that there will be those living outside the holy city, but I think a too literal reading is unhelpful. This is a vision and needs to be interpreted thus. Notice that there is no night in the city, but presumably there is elsewhere. Clearly this isn't really speaking to reality as we see it.

The city is the size of a small moon.


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