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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Revelation 9

From the Abyss

The fifth trumpet allowed a star (angel) to open the Abyss. Smoke came up and darkened the world, and locusts ravaged all

those who didn't follow God for five months. They'll want to die. They were really freaky and the Destroyer, Apollyon, was

their king.

The sixth trumpet released four angels who would kill a third of the world. There was an army of 200 million. Smoke and

sulfur came from the mouths of the horse-riding angels which killed the people. The survivors still didn't repent of their


Key verse:
20. The rest of mankind that were not killed by these plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands

My thoughts:
So these are three frightening woes, and the text is really building them up as horrible. The author keeps stopping to

remind us that these are woes. There are great descriptions of how terrifying the beasts involved are. I wouldn't take the

pictures too literally, like some pictures on the internet, they more are just trying to communicate how terrifying these

things are.

So I don't think the angel of the Abyss, Apollyon, is Satan. The angel is simply part of God's death squad. This is all

God's will and plan, remember!

Some say that for the first time in history, and army of 200 million is feasible, especially when you consider China!

I love how the four angels from the Euphrates are released from their long-term captivity. I wonder if they're related to

the ones which guard Eden.


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